1. The customer must thoroughly check and confirm the order confirmation. If any details are missing or incorrect they must inform us immediately by email.
Telephone calls are not adequate for our records. It must be confirmed in writing.

2. COLOUR- It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they have chosen the correct colour, we are not liable for any losses due to incorrect colour choice by the customer.

The colour provided will be the colour stated on your order confirmation. Please remember that granite/quartz /marble does vary from slab to slab with colour intesity, patterning and veining.

3. The customer must be there on the day of install/template to give clear instructions to the installation team at all times. We will not accept instructions from anyone but the customer named on the order confirmation without prior written instruction from the customer. Any decisions made for or on the customers behalf are at the customers risk and we will not accept liability for this.

4. We are not contracted to undertake any plumbing, electrical, gas safe, carpentry or other works unless stated on your order confirmation.
Before installation all of your plumbing, electric, gas must be disconnected, existing worktops removed, units level and ready to accept the new material. Please note that we do not provide flush mounted sink cut outs.  Undermount sink cut outs will be cut with an overhang by default.

5. Cancellations. Any cancellations will be individually assessed for losses incurred by us and invoiced for the monies outstanding.

Orders cancelled before template/manufacture, will be charged a £50 administration fee. Failure to recover losses incurred will result in consequent legal action.

6. Full payment must be made one day before fitting date. If payment is not secured the worktops will not be installed and legal action taken to recover any losses.
In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the finished product on completion, please complete the sign off sheet stating the issues and contact the office immediately. Your credit/debit card will be deducted of the final balance and any additional charges after completion unless an alternate payment method is provided.
Cardiff Stone hold full title to the goods until full payment is secured.

Any outstanding monies after 24 hours of the installation date, will incur a late payment penalty of £50, then 2% per day.

We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed terms.

7. We will require a suitable space outside to work, with access to power and water. If there is not a suitable place to work a revisit fee will be charged. We cannot work on public land, pavements, balconies etc… The area must either be a private rear garden solely owned by you and of adequate size to work(min 3m x 5m).
The working area must be a clear area situated at least 10 metres away from public property/vehicles/pavements/highways.
If you are having an onsite installation please be aware that processing stone will generate dust and noise outside of your property.

8. ACCESS - Any access issues must be discussed before installation. Our working hours are from 9am-3pm, this time must be reserved for us to complete your installation.
In any event that there are restricted working hours, you must inform us prior to installation.
If we cannot complete your installation on the allocated day due to your time restrictions a revisit fee will be charged.
A parking space directly outside the property with permit (if applicable) must be provided by the customer  with clear access in to the property.
In the event of any undisclosed access issues, we will have no alternative but to abandon installation and a revisit charge will be applicable.

9. Please be aware that your worktop installation may run into another day. We are not responsible for this and you should make allowances.

10. All dimensions quoted are nominal and no liability is accepted for reasonable variations of whatsoever nature.
Worktop fabrication is not an exact science and slight tolerances in both overhangs and thickness are to be expected. The Company do not take any responsibility for live plaster falls and it is the responsibility of the customer to make good these areas. Please be aware that the worktops are not scribed, walls are rarely straight and as such natural wall gaps may occur.
The size of the gaps will depend on the contour of the wall. Please check your walls prior to fitting or discuss with your templater if you are concerned.
Decorating/paintwork/fillers may need to be applied or touched up after installation by the customer we are not liable for any damage to walls/paintwork whilst completing your installation.

11. The Company also reserve the right to add joints where it feels necessary, commensurate with health and safety guidelines, accessibility and economical use of the material.
The position of joins will ultimately be decided by your fitting team. If you have a preference on where the joins are to be placed this must be discussed in advance, charged accordingly and detailed on page 1 of your order confirmation. If you choose the position of the joins, liability is transferred to the customer.

12. The person who confirms the order by email accepts personal liability in the event the company/person fails to pay according to the terms

13. It is imperative that you or a representative for you, will be at the property on completion to inspect the works and complete the sign off sheets.
You will appreciate that after our installers leave your premises it is impossible for us to verify any subsequent claim for damage to the material or their surrounds.
Consequently if the client is not present to sign off the acceptance form and attach any comments associated with any issues, the client must accept that we are no longer liable.
Should any claims arise, they will be individually assessed and dealt with by our insurance company. Thus not affecting this contract of sale or any monies owed.

14. Force Majeure - Neither party shall be liable for any delay, defect or deficiency hereunder to the extent that such delay, defect or deficiency is caused by an event of force majeure which affects performance by hindering, delaying or making considerably more difficult the fulfilment of commitments of the party. “Force majeure” shall mean labour disputes or any circumstance beyond the control of the party such as acts of God, disruption of transport, obstruction by ice, accidents, breakages of material, breakdowns of machinery, or delay in delivery by any third party which is caused by force majeure.


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