Follow these simple steps on how to measure your worktops. This helps us to generate an accurate estimate of pricing and works involved. Don’t worry though, our team will template for you before installation to ensure an absolute perfect fit.


1 - Clear Your Worktops

Remove any items from your worktops to get a clear view and easy access for measuring.

Stone Worktops


2 - Measure the Lengths

Use a tape measure that is at least as long as the longest edge of your worktops. Measure the length of each worktop from one end to the other. Make sure to measure along the back edge of the worktop and not the front edge as it might not be straight.

Tape Measure


3 - Measure the Depth

Measure the depth of your worktops from front to back and be sure to measure both ends and the middle.

Cardiff Stone


4 - Count Your cut-outs

If you have any appliances, sinks, or other fixtures that will be installed in your worktops, let us know what they are and where they go, for example 5 ring hob, boil tap or undermount sink.


5 - Splashbacks and Sills

For just behind the hob, measure the width between wall units and the height to the extractor. If you’d like the whole wall, from worktop to wall unit, including cutouts for sockets, just give us the length, height and number of socket cut-outs. If you’d like a window sill, it’s the length and depth again!

Kitchen Worktop Installation


6 - Share your Plans

Once you’re happy with the measurements, give us a call, email or make an appointment to come and discuss your plans. We look forward to it.